Friday, October 21, 2016

Justin Trudeau and the Electoral Reform Farce

Yesterday I celebrated the one-year anniversary of the day Justin Trudeau brought down the Con regime, after a decade of darkness.

Only to be reminded how fragile was that victory.

And how desperately the Con media are to return us to the nightmare we escaped.

And to try to destroy Justin.

Donald Trump and the Lost Democratic Traditions of America

As we all know, Hillary Clinton had Donald Trump for dinner at their final debate Wednesday night.

But not before he had called her a "nasty woman" and threatened not to accept the election result.

For as we also know, Trump is a bad loser. 

But at least yesterday he made it clear what the decent people of America must do to avoid a post-election nightmare.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Remembering the Day The Harper Regime Went Down In Flames

I was so excited to see Donald Trump hit the canvas last night, that I forgot that it was also the one year anniversary of the day Stephen Harper also went down like palooka.

And the sun finally set on his foul Con regime.

One year since Canadians finally gave them the boot. Humiliated their depraved leader.

Made Justin Trudeau prime minister.

The Night Hillary Clinton Demolished Donald Trump

For a sickening moment during last night's debate, I thought Donald Trump was going to give Hillary Clinton a hard time, score some badly needed points.

And maybe even win the debate, after losing the two others.

For he started out looking reasonably under control, he wasn't sniffling or snuffling, and he was talking about jobs.

But sadly for him that only lasted about 30 minutes, before he hit the canvas with a sickening thud.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the WikiLeak's E-Mails

They will face each other for the last time in Las Vegas tonight, and for Donald Trump it will be his last chance to try to stop Hilary Clinton from becoming the first female president of the United States.

And burying him in a landslide. 

It’s now or never for Donald Trump.

Trump now lags Hillary Clinton in the RealClearPolitics national polling average by about 7 percentage points, a margin that suggests he is in danger of being routed on Nov. 8.

And Trump is no doubt hoping that Hillary Clinton's WikiLeak's e-mails will damage her enough to save him from disaster.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ezra Levant's Pathetic Plea To Justin Trudeau

No media personality in this country has attacked Justin Trudeau as viciously as has Ezra Levant.

He has called him a terrorist, he has attacked his family in the lowest possible way.

During Trudeau's fight with Patrick Brazeau he got so carried away, he practically came in his pants wondering whether Justin would be removed in an ambulance or a hearse.

And his ghastly Rebel has run one death threat after another aimed at him in its grotesque comment section.

So this desperate plea couldn't be more pathetic

Darth Trump and the Trump Family Brand

Like many others, I don't believe that Donald Trump ever thought he would become the Republican candidate for president, when he launched his campaign sixteen months ago.

I believe that all he was interested in was getting a lot of free publicity, and boosting the Trump brand.

So I thought it might be interesting to look at how that brand is doing after all that has happened and all those scandals.

And as it turns out, the answer is not so good.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Real Problem With Donald Trump's CNN Surrogates

About two weeks ago I wrote a post where I said that the only thing worse than watching Donald Trump in full fury, was having to listen to his screaming surrogates on CNN.

And this doesn't help.

Not when Corey Lewandowski is reportedly being paid $500,000 by CNN, while apparently still working for Trump.

But the worst thing about those surrogates is that not only are they incredibly annoying, CNN's decision to employ them is also a threat to American democracy.

Donald Trump and the Revolt of the Trumplings

Now it really is looking like the final scene in a horror movie. With the monster Donald Trump cornered and increasingly desperate.

Most decent Americans now consider him a sleazy sexual predator. Fewer people are attending his rallies. His polls are collapsing. 

And he's never sounded crazier, or more dangerous.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Great Con Canada Birthday Scam

I'll always remember the day Stephen Harper decided to start celebrating Canada's 150th birthday, three years early.

And how critics warned that the infrastructure money that came with it could be used by the Cons as a giant slush fund.

And sure enough they were right.