Friday, December 09, 2016

The Con Media and Justin Trudeau's Long Honeymoon

Ever since Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Prime Minister, the Con media has been declaring that his political honeymoon is over.

And in recent weeks with the confusion over electoral reform, and the controversial pipeline decision, that clamour has become almost deafening.

With one story after the other declaring that his golden ride was finally over.

But sadly for the Con media it seems they couldn't be more wrong.

Donald Trump and the Madman of the Year

It's Time Magazine's ugliest Person of the Year cover since it awarded Adolf Hitler that dubious honour.

And Donald Trump is reported to be conflicted. On the one hand his massive all consuming ego is flattered, or inflated further. 

On the other hand he's furious that anybody should call him a "divider."

And I mean furious.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Donald Trump and the Man Who Would Torch the Planet

Everybody knew that Donald Trump was a climate change denier, a man who believes that global warming is a hoax.

He's made that abundantly clear...

Over and over again.

But still the flaming orange got elected, and now we're all going to burn with him.

The Day Donald Trump Fired One Of His Trolls

Donald Trump had an army of trolls working for him during the election, spreading fake stories, and flaming his opponents. 

So it was quite a shock to see him fire one of them.

And no ordinary troll either. 

A member of his own transition team.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Con Debate, Kellie Leitch, and the Angry Pajamas

There were so many candidates at last night's Con leadership debate I couldn't fit them all into the picture.

Or shake the image of a bunch of crows lined up on a humming power line.

But although most of the debate was so boring I had to remember to keep breathing, near the end the feathers or the sparks started flying.

It took a while to get interesting, but sparks eventually flew in the second official Conservative leadership debate in Moncton Tuesday evening: there were accusations of race-baiting and Trump-aping, an indictment of the media elite, a lot of bad French and even a promise to eliminate the corporate income tax altogether.

And sadly for the Cons, some crows were louder than others.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Remembering the Legacy of the Montreal Massacre

I had just finished my last post, about Donald Trump's plans to all but eliminate gun controls in the United States.

When I suddenly remembered that tonight fourteen beams of light will rise into the sky from the summit of Mount Royal, so all Montrealers can see them.

And remember what happened on a snowy day in that city twenty-seven years ago today.

When a man who hated women went on a bloody rampage at the Ă‰cole Polytechnique.

Donald Trump's Merry Gun Christmas

It's going to a bleak holiday season for millions of Americans who still can't quite believe that Donald Trump is their president.

Just like we Canadians can't believe that's really Santa.

But of course Trump supporters will be celebrating, and so will the National Rifle Association.

Because they're hoping that he will be bringing them the best present EVER.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Chris Alexander and the Ezra Levant Freak Show

As you may know, the story of Chris Alexander has always reminded me of the Oscar Wilde story The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Where the portrait of the once promising young diplomat morphs into something monstrous, after he sells his soul to Stephen Harper.

Well yesterday that portrait became even uglier, if that's possible.

After Alexander disgraced himself again.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Donald Trump and the Betrayal of the Working Class

I used to stare at those pictures of Donald Trump preaching to his white working class supporters, and wonder how that old con artist managed to fool so many of them.

Make them believe that a billionaire who sits on a gold plated toilet seat was on THEIR side.

And that he would bring back their lost jobs, fight the elites and the special interests, go after the Big Banks, and Make America Great Again.

I didn't believe a word he said, but his faithful followers did, and now they're already looking like suckers.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Great Annual Christmas Ad Competition

Well now that it's starting to look a lot like Christmas, even in Ottawa.

And now that the party leaders have sent out their seasonal greetings. 

And Rona Ambroses' card sent shivers down my spine...

I thought I'd take a break from the grim world of politics, and the horror of Harper and Trump. 

And get into the spirit of the holiday season.